Drag-and-Drop Manager for WPF

Now comes with EditableTreeNode! (see it in action in the demo)

With the Qnomad Drag-and-Drop Manager for WPF, you can add animated drag-and-drop to your WPF applications in three easy steps.

  1. Create the DragDropManager then add the TreeViews/ListViews along with drop handlers for each operation you want to support.

        var dragMgr = new DragDropManager();
        dragMgr.AddControl<Category>( categoriesTreeView );
        dragMgr.AddControl<Category, Item>( itemsListView );
        dragMgr.AddHandler<Category>( categoriesTreeView, dragMgr_ProcessMove );
        dragMgr.AddHandler<Item, Category>( categoriesTreeView, dragMgr_ProcessLink );
  2. Implement your drop handlers, which will resemble these.

        void dragMgr_ProcessMove( object sender, HierarchicalPlacementArgs<Category> moveArgs )
        void dragMgr_ProcessLink( object sender, LinkArgs<Item, Category> e )
           e.TargetLoc.Items.Add( e.ItemToLink );
  3. Implement the applicable interfaces on your item-level view-models or, if you don't use the MVVM pattern, whatever is in the ItemsSource collections

    • IMoveable<T> is for items that can be moved (dragged) from one location to another. You can add logic to the CanMove methods that disallows otherwise valid move operations per your requirements.
    • ITreeNode<T> is for items appearing in a TreeView, to indicate the SubItems and Parent properties.

Demonstration Application

Download the demo to see what sets the Qnomad Drag-and-Drop Manager for WPF apart. The demo consists of a TreeView that holds categories, and a ListView populated with the selected category's items. These two controls together have a total of three types of drag-drop operations setup on them.

  1. Move a category within the TreeView
  2. Move an item within the ListView
  3. Link an item with another category

Manager Features

The Qnomad Drag-and-Drop Manager for WPF is a flexible and powerful solution for drag-and-drop within and between TreeViews and ListViews, and includes these features:


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